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SKYPE or FACETIME Voice Instruction                      

Instructor’s Skype Account Name:  Yvonne_Iversen

Instructor’s FaceTime Account:  Use ANY, my Name/Email/Phone 


YOU WILL NEED .... a Skype or FaceTime Account. 

Please PREset your “contact list” to include my account name.  On Skype, I will need to “accept” your invitation before you can include me on your contact list.  (This works in reverse as well.)

Students will require a Desk-top, Lap-top, Tablet or similar computer.  Using your mobile phone, for online classes, does not offer an ideal learning situation.

Please include a folder labeled, “VOICE” (or similar) on your desk top.  This folder should include ALL of your instrumental tracks AND lyrics.  PLEASE be sure to download your music files to this folder BEFORE class meetings.  The music source must be established on the students’ side of the online connection.  This allows the instructor to ideally maximize her ability to hear the singer’s voice.   Note, while streaming YouTube during lessons may be helpful, we want to avoid the possibility of experiencing technical difficulties associated with this Application.  Again, please download music to desk-top/library.

OPTIONAL - Download and familiarize yourself with the Application, “EVERNOTE.”  This free application will be utilized by instructor during class time.  Both instructor and students may use the “EVERNOTE” application to document lesson details.  Students must enter practice notes, song selections and class recordings.

Students/Parents/Guardians have read, understand and accept the policies and procedures found on website.  Please be sure to email any questions or feedback BEFORE you have confirmed classes.


If you would like to discuss your interest in online voice lessons and are ready to move forward, please send me an email:  

Thank you!



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