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Policies and Procedures

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Revised MARCH, 2020


It is assumed that all applicants, students and parent/guardian of student have read and agree to the following Policies and Procedures:


-Students are given a specific day and time for their lesson.  They meet with their Instructor at least once a week.  Classes are scheduled every :30 or :60 minutes.  A three-minute transition is allowed between students.


-Monthly tuition is due the last class of the month, and is applied to the following month.  EXAMPLE:  September’s tuition is due, in full, at the last class in August.  Students who fail to make timely tuition payments will be charged a $25 late fee.  If tuition is LATE two consecutive months, the student will lose their class time.  These students may be placed on a wait-list and contacted when the next class day/time becomes available. Those students who are absent on their last class of the month will need to submit their payment immediately.  Payment must be received within four days of their next scheduled class.  NOTE:  Payments serve as a scheduling guide.  Thus, timely payments are greatly appreciated.  


-Checks must be dated NO LATER THAN the students' last class date of the month.  POST-DATED CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.   In the case of a post-dated (or wrong date) check, a late fee will be assessed, equal to the value of the first class scheduled in the first week of the following month.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  


-Students may make tuition payments either by cash, check, Venmo or via PayPal.  Please see "Rate" page for details and payment options.


-Students will NOT be placed on instruction calendar until MONTHLY TUITION and ALL FEES/MONIES DUE are PAID IN FULL.  No exceptions will be made.   Tuition is due at the student's last attended class of month.


-There is a $25 fee for checks that are returned due to insufficient funds.  Students will not be able to return to class until monthly payment and bank fees are paid in full.


-Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable.  


-"Make-ups" are NOT available due to limited studio time and the high demand for voice lessons.   If the instructor cancels a class, the option will be offered to make-up the class or credit the following months’ tuition amount.


-IF there is a credit, the credit must be used within 60 days.


-In the case of a missed (No call, No show) or cancelled MAKE-UP CLASS, the student will be charged an additional class fee, at the regular rate.  This fee will be due immediately and must be received prior to any future lessons.  Students who schedule a make-up and do not show up or cancel without reasonable consideration, will not be considered for future make-up classes.


-A cancellation log is maintained by the instructor.  Students who miss more than two classes in a row, with or without notice, are subject to losing their designated class time without notice.  No refunds will be given for missed classes.


-Visitors/friends/siblings are asked to remain outside.  A Guardian and/or Parent is always allowed and encouraged to observe class at least once a month.


-Students will be asked, from time to time, to purchase music sheets, instrumental tracks and/or other items to assist in the advancement of their vocal skill and understanding.


-A student is given a 10-minute grace period when they are late for their lesson.  Please call if you are planning to be late.


-Students who are sick (especially with a fever/runny nose/contagious) are asked NOT to attend class. Instructor reserves the right to cancel class if student shows up ill, etc.  Student will automatically forfeit class and class payment.


-Instructor reserves the right to terminate a student, at any time. 


​-GROUP CLASS:  In addition to the above policies, parents/guardians are asked to pick-up students promptly at the end of each class. Child-care service is not provided or available after students are dismissed from class.  


Your attention to the above stated Policies and Procedures is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your assistance in maintaining a professional and proactive learning environment. 








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