AUGUST 2020 Kids Group Voice Classes (Teens 8 - 18)

AUGUST 2020 Kids Group Voice Classes (Teens 8 - 18)


AUGUST 4 - 27TH, 2020


TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 3:00 to 4:30 PM    (Limited space available)  8 Classes per Session


RETURNING students are eligible for 10% discount.  Please call Yvonne for purchase instructions - 808-741-4434.  (Non-transferable/Non-refundable)


A GROUP setting, students focus on SOLO work. Elements of focus include voice techniques, movement and physicality of performance, vocal and emotional expression, audition and performance techniques, personal and overall presentation.


Through the use of instrumental tracks or sheet music, students are encouraged to select a song of THEIR choice. Upon request, song suggestions may be offered so that each student may attain their greatest goals. This is a creative yet structured class which affords students freedom to discover their unique gifts and true potential.


Students establish their individual goals which are supported and realized throughout the series. Singing a pre-established and memorized song, students focus on performing in front of their peers every week - adding and perfecting their performance, one element at a time.            


“Children are born free to share their feelings - without edit and from a place of honesty.  They are also born free of insecurities. For many children, somewhere along their “path,” this innate sensibility is lost.  THIS class is designed to restore a child’s freedom and desire to express their true selves. The benefits of RE-learning to honestly express ones self are life-altering!”                                                                              

-Yvonne Iversen, Instructor


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