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Services include:

-  Private, In-Studio Voice and Performance Classes

   (ALL ages and Levels)

- Online Voice Classes (Skype/FaceTime, 

   All Ages and Levels)

- Solo Performance Vocalist

- Personal Artist Development and Stylist

Yvonne Iversen, Voice Instructor (est. 1996)


Aloha, and welcome to



For over 45 years I have been blessed to realize the GIFT of expression.  Whether through voice, dance, drama... the human spirit was designed to communicate thoughts and feelings in a manner that allows complete honesty and freedom.  The greater the truth, the greater the performance.  As a voice and performance insructor, I consider it my mission to help students realize their dreams... one note at a time.

Learning to manage muscle groups is key to successful singing!  Regardless of genre, age or skill level, EVERYONE can learn to improve their vocal abilities.  This simple method is one that invites the mind to connect with the body and work as one.  Students earn great results by combining proper techniques, personal style and winning habits.

Honolulu Location:


1110 University Avenue, 5th Floor

Suites #505 / #511

Mailing Address:

1226 Molehu Drive, Honolulu, HI. 96818

Salt Lake Location:

1226 Molehu Drive

(Central Oahu,

near the Arizona Memorial)

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