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Emi Hart Sorenson

Honolulu, Hawaii

"If you really want to improve your singing ability or have a child that you want to turn into a super star, Yvonne is the absolute best! I started taking voice lessons from Yvonne this past year and she's more amazing than ever. Not only does she have the most phenomenal voice, but she has an incredible work ethic and a vibrant, energetic and positive attitude! Being able to take voice from someone who is genuinely passionate and super fun to be around is such a gift. Having a boring teacher is like being stabbed by the subject you're trying to learn. It can really make or break the experience, especially if you're new to the arts or a young child.

Yvonne's students range from young children to high schoolers to adults, at all different skill levels. When I first started taking lessons, I was so worried about what she'd think of my voice because hers is so incredibly powerful. But I eventually got over that silly fear because Yvonne is so kind and knows how to help change your technique in a way that anyone can learn to sing with practice. At your voice lesson Yvonne accompanies you on piano or you can sing to a karaoke track if you'd prefer. You start with important warm-up exercises and you get to sing whatever type of song you'd prefer. You can take a 30 or 60 minute lesson and pay through her website ( If you're really serious about voice lessons, she's who I'd recommend because she expects you to practice and your instructional time will be 5-stars on every level.

Voice lessons are in Manoa at a formal music lesson studio located in the corner of the Manoa Shopping Center. The studio space is very clean, professional and parking is free."


Eden-Lee Murray

Hawaii Theater/Director/Education, Honolulu, Hawaii

Master Class 

"Your Master Class was absolutely brilliant!  It was everything I could have wished for them, and way beyond. You struck the perfect balance between laying out the fundamentals of vocal technique for all to explore and incorporate, then working with the 5 individuals to demonstrate just how applying those techniques kick vocal performance to a vastly improved level. You proved clearly with each of the demo pieces that improved vocal technique—breathing, placement, separation of voice/body—enables much more effective interpretation.  It was just wonderful to see you again, and to watch you in action."

Sean Harrison

Harrison Executive Coaching and Consulting,  Honolulu, Hawaii

"I have worked with Yvonne in two very diverse situations. One as her boss for the major hotel brand Hilton and one as her guitar player in a band that played a very big stage. Yvonne is the consummate pro. She understands what it takes to perform at the top. She has amazing presence and can deliver world-class performance." 

KC Collins, CFRE

Executive Director of Development, Regional & Community Colleges

Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Fabulous voice. Talented instructor.  If you want to learn to sing or get to the next level, contact Yvonne."

Nanilisa Pascua

Music Director/Educator at Diamond Head Theatre, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Yvonne is a gifted performer and singer. She is a phenomenal voice teacher, instilling lifelong skills, good vocal technique and great work ethics in her students. She encourages them to perform to the peak of their ability and brings out the best in them in the process. I endorse Yvonne Iversen as a performer, a great singer, and an excellent voice teacher."

Anna Fernandez

Legal Fellow at Department of Land and Natural Resources 

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Yvonne is a wonderful, beautiful, and talented vocalist. She is an excellent instructor, showing commitment and dedication to the proper development of her voice students. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a patient, talented, and caring voice instructor."

Lee Ann Del Carpio

Experienced Leadership Development Coach and Consultant, 

Founder of Inner Power International  

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Authentic. Powerful. Enormously talented. Fun! These are the words that come to mind when I think of Yvonne. She is a bright light that will bring energy and passion to any event, all the while entertaining and communicating from the heart. She is a true professional and a delight."

Carrie Cogan-Duff

Director of Sales, Executive Producer, Spectacular Events

Honolulu, Hawaii 

"Yvonne is a brilliant performer and talented producer and I highly recommend her to compliment your event." 


Saif Bayati

Entertainment Professional/Performer

Orange County, California

"I have known Yvonne Iversen as a friend and a professional singer for more years than I can count, and I have never met a more professional entertainer in my life. I would jump at the chance to use her again and can't recommend her highly enough!"


Javier Del Carpio

Business Development, Growth Strategist, CEO and Founder at Prokelion Group LLC,  Scottsdale, Arizona

"Yvonne is an independent, powerful woman who is authentic and cares for others. She is not afraid to speak her truth and live her dream. I admire her passion for singing, the dedication and effort to empower young children to express who their are through music. Yvonne is an inspiration, a courageous woman who is doing what she loves to do in life."

Dale Young & Kensei

Jewelry by Kensei

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Thank you so much, Yvonne!  I'm still trying to figure out if you or your voice is more beautiful!  I can still hear your wonderful performance in my mind.  Kensei and I were so honored to have you in The Art of Jewelry!  Thank you for being you! -- at Halekulani Hotel."

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